How about updating your status by triple tapping the back of your iphone? I've made myself a shortcut that uses the Draft action I've created. And it works great!!!

🆕 The UI is now available! Just sign into, pull up your address, and click the button in the Statuslog section. Let me know if you run into any issues!

Spontaneous evening development stream — going to try to finalize the UI (hopefully!). Feel free to join in! 📺

Apparently, some foolish press has committed the grave tactical error of accepting a manuscript of my poetry, going so far as to claim they will actually publish it.

Why would anyone do this? I have no idea. Were they hopped up on pain meds? Did they lose a bet?

Publishers are inscrut...

Digging into the world of emoji is enough to drive you slightly bonkers. For example, did you know that 🍽 isn’t the same as 🍽? Sure, they look the same, but one is actually \ud83c\udf7d and the other is \ud83c\udf7d\ufe0f.

Needless to say, I’m working on making the emoji detector thing on become a bit smarter about this kind of stuff. Once I do, any "broken" emojis out there will magically start working. (Hat tip to @maique who used this one and made me notice the issue!)

@AlexWolfe It is! Made by @adam, he is the awesome developer who has made the Internet fun again 🙂

The UI for is coming along! Shouldn’t be much longer.

📺 Working on live! Feel free to tune in if you’re interested (maybe say hello!):

Coming soon to your very own Statuslog! Share your mood, your food, or whatever else in a bite-sized status update. Can’t wait to roll this out to everyone!

Our website has been redesigned from the ground up--it looks nicer and explains better!

Working on the next generation of today, live on stream! Feel free to join and hang out. :prami: 📺

Random Tuesday evening project: putting DALL-E 2 to work imagining Ronald McDonald as a famous actor. Showcase at

I’m a bit late to the game here, but I have just discovered that in Mastodon one can enter Alt-text when posting an image. That’s wonderful for accessibility.

Another live watch night with the gang! We are working our way through currently and we are up to Episode 6. 😃 📺

Things are getting so C U T E over here! So glad @adam picked Momo for Prami, we were introduced to a great artist. He’s the _official_ avatar designer for :prami:

Now I'm ready to disclose to the world my new personal project 😉:

I am sorry!

It's a page to say that you are sorry in all major languages of the world.

Just send the link on a chat, share a screenshot or show it face by face with your smartphone to the person you hurted.

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