Acquired another very special .lol domain (with thanks to @jeannie and @gil for their inspiration). The family of services [what a phrase, lol] will continue to grow! But I’m going to wrap up this core service overhaul and get it out the door before I distract myself with anything else. 😅

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@adam @jeannie hehehe believe it or not I actually hesitated on making that suggestion because it would probably be waaaaay too much work for you, but now I’m very glad people will have yet another awesome tool for their accounts 😊

@gil @jeannie It’s going to be a ton of work, for sure, but it’ll be fun!

@adam @gil Having my @omgdotlol account has definitely made being on the internet much more fun for me.

@pimoore You have to be a member of the inner secret star chamber of the order of the schmoofy poofs for that information. :: @adam @gil

@pimoore Your replacement handbook is in the mail. 📨. :: @adam @gil

@adam @pimoore @jeannie @gil well, you have every reason to be distracted :-) sounds like a strong alternative to

@shew @pimoore @jeannie @gil I think is awesome! I should say that I’m not seeking to compete with anyone or win anyone over from any other established service; I’m just going to do my own thing my own way, and if people happen to like it then that’s great. 😄

@adam @shew @jeannie @gil I love too, just exciting to see a new player entering the space.

@jeannie @shew @pimoore I totally get it! I’ve been unhappy with current blogging platforms and one day out of blue the thought came into to my mind, “hmmm if anyone could make a cool blogging platform it would be @adam for sure” so I opened the ticket. I think there’s a common philosophy around stuff of being simple and fun to use that I really love and seems like other people here do too, so I’m sure it will be great!

@jeannie @shew @pimoore @adam … Also a few weeks ago I decided to teach myself Go so I could create a blogging platform for my niche blogging needs as a fun end-of-holidays project, so I totally get the “I don’t like what’s out there, I’m going to make my own” itch… but for sure I’m going to love using’s weblog, it may even incentivise me to write more which is something I’ve been postponing for ages…

@gil @jeannie @shew @adam This is the big knock I have against Hugo, its Go-based template language is really obtuse. Go itself seems really powerful, and thankfully doesn’t rely on awkward dependencies (that I’m aware).

@adam @pimoore @jeannie @shew yeah Go templating can be a bit iffy, but being able to use it with Hugo and other Go apps does make learning it pretty useful. So far, I’ve been finding Go pretty awesome, it’s super performant and allows you to compile your program to a single executable and take it anywhere, no dependencies needed! As far as programming languages, Python is the one I’m proficient at, but Go is not much more complex, and it has tonnes of advantages! That’s why I settled on it!

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