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That was fun, but the combination of COVID brain, being tired, and generally being bad at front-end development made for one heck of a terrible stream overall. 😂

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Streaming a little evening development work. Kinda losing my voice due to COVID, though, so probably won’t talk much!

Sunday development stream (mostly chilling and hanging out, but with code and stuff):

Development livestream happening now:

Working on and other stuff!

Doing another random development stream, this time goofing around with a new feedback tool.

That was a fun stream. Taking a break and will be back on later!

Haven’t streamed in eight months — doing a little live development stuff with!

Tonight around midnight EDT / 4 AM UTC, I’ll be making a hardware upgrade to Mastodon and IRC will be unavailable for a brief period (expecting less than 10 minutes total). If things get weird, though, look for an update on Thanks! 💛

Would you like to try, and all the cool things that come with it?
Landing page, email, DNS, Mastodon instance, make the world a better place, pastebin service?
I’m giving away 4 gift codes, good for a year. Announcing winners on Sunday, just add a reply.

"A still of Nemo flying an airplane in Finding Nemo (2003)"

(In this case Nemo appears to *be* the airplane, but still, pretty cool.)

"A still of the Energizer Bunny in The Seven Samurai (1954)"

Oops, wrong decade. WALL-E came out in 2008. Oh well, it still worked.

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OK, finally back up and running with Mastodon after a previous goofed-up test attempt. I think I managed to fracture my tiny slice of the fediverse somehow! I’m learning, though, and having fun at the same time. 😅 is a lighthearted social hangout for the community.