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starts tomorrow! i'll be tweeting/tooting my struggles.

Twitter: @_byemc if you'd prefer to see them there.

I made a now playing thingy in Python... hopefully with no memory leaks!

:nikospin: yeah, that’s right, theyre here now.

mfw paypal sends me a text despite authenticating with face id already

Just realised that 00:00 is 5 AM in my time zone, so I’ve fixed to reflect that. 11 hr 30 min btw.

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🎶Ba-dee-ya, say, do you remember?

Ba-dee-ya, dancing in September

Ba-dee-ya never was a cloudy day

For the first ever time, I have actually downgraded my version of ios (batter issues). Time to fix this up a bit…

Covid cert went missing but at least I still have my Lidl plus card!

i had to search for Metatext in the App Store and press Open to get in :(

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i reset my home screen and removed all the pages, and now my apps are gone.... NO MORE TWITTER! YAY!

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if you overload microsoft.​com with requests, that's an MS-DOS

i've said this many times before but the ios 16 lock screen is so good!

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I’m a bit late to the game here, but I have just discovered that in Mastodon one can enter Alt-text when posting an image. That’s wonderful for accessibility.

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