@gabz Is there any on Pandora, Deezer, Slacker, or Jango?

@gabz A thing you can try is finding the songs on Amazon/iTunes as a CD or MP3 download, then upload it to your Music library! Perks of Apple, but you actually own the thing, and dont have to use spotify.

@bye that is actually something i might look into, I already tried searching iTunes, and no luck

@gabz do you have the names of some songs you’re looking for? i can try finding them for you!

@bye I did a quick search for the one am currently listening to the cd foes for 177 USD lol


@gabz Found it on Amazon Music, you should be able to get an MP3 through there (it *says* MP3 download anyway…) amazon.co.uk/dp/B09Y8FFX48

@gabz wait, youre us based, right? i’ll the the .com link…

@gabz wait, shit, are these different albums?

@bye ha I did search A
amazon and that one didn't show for me lol

@gabz Try searching for Artist – Album, then clicking a song to go to the Amazon Music page, then scroll to the top and hit “purchase options”

@bye in fact all of these are available for streaming on Amazon Music, and it just occurred to me that I already have Amazon Prime, so I have no need for Spotify, but I do like the idea of purchasing the mp3s tho

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