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i should try it for 14 days... (he says)

So used to not wear my Apple Watch that I am halfway thru my workout and forgot to let the watch know 😂

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There is only one constant in the universe: Laundry.

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Yay the App Store finally let us release our new app!

Introducing Wallaroo: Wallpapers just for you!

Blog your heart! Blog about something you’ve learned, blog about something you’re interested in.

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creep, is radiohead’s worst song

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Daniel Radcliffe just made a “very carefully” joke. If he says “oh! There’s my ride” at a cop car, it’s gonna be especially fucked up that we looked exactly alike when we were 12.

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Things are getting so C U T E over here! So glad @adam picked Momo for Prami, we were introduced to a great artist. He’s the _official_ avatar designer for :prami:

been wanting a gym bag for a while, Luna was kind enough to lend me her duffel bag 🌈🦙💪🏽

the girls got some pins at the record store last weekend, i handy noticed this one tho 😁🌈🐱

🎶 Tú eres Güasa Güasa, Güasa Güasa

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