Linkblog 🔗: Hilary Mantel knew how corrosive deference to monarchy can be – and why we must resist | Nesrine Malik

Lebanese wine with our pizza tonight 🍕 🍷 🇱🇧

🎵 My Top weekly artists: Suede (41), Golschmann, Columbia SO, Gould (9), Madeleine Cocolas (8) & Dry Cleaning (3) via

🎵 My Top weekly artists: Glenn Gould (32), Walter, Columbia SO (18), Dry Cleaning (10) & Solti, LPO, Alicia de Larrocha (4) via

Linkblog 🔗: Ian McEwan’s long look back

British politics does not offer much more cause for optimism. Liz Truss becoming prime minister is “such a disaster”, he says. “She’s intellectually so vapid. I think her world-view is so tiny, so shrivelled, so ungenerous, so dry… Or maybe she’s...

One of my favourite beers: Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, at The Gloucester Old Spot, Bristol 🍺

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sucessfully made @adam listen to black country, new road, my work here is done

Baked polenta with melted gorgonzola – Polenta Pasticciata con Gorgonzola

I’ve been stirring polenta for nearly 40 minutes. My arm is aching.

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