🎵 My Top weekly artists: Suede (26), Borodin Quartet (15), The Beatles (15), clipping. (14) & John Coltrane (10) via tweekly.fm bit.ly/mus1c7

🏏 More Pakistan v England T20 cricket. This series is coming thick and fast.

🏏 Watching England play Pakistan in the fifth of seven T20 matches.

Linkblog 🔗: Hilary Mantel knew how corrosive deference to monarchy can be – and why we must resist | Nesrine Malik theguardian.com/commentisfree/

Lebanese wine with our pizza tonight 🍕 🍷 🇱🇧

🎵 My Top weekly artists: Suede (41), Golschmann, Columbia SO, Gould (9), Madeleine Cocolas (8) & Dry Cleaning (3) via tweekly.fm bit.ly/mus1c7

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