🎵 My Top weekly artists: Low (25), Walter Gieseking (15), alt-J (12), Retribution Gospel Choir (10) & Black Eyed Snakes (4) via tweekly.fm bit.ly/mus1c7

@gabz I’m using the official app on iOS - enjoying the simplicity of it! On desktop just the web view.

Muse’s Matt Bellamy 🔗 🎵

I think my brain’s been manipulated by Stranger Things and that’s what I think all our childhoods were actually like … I’ve seen so much 80s nostalgia that I can’t remember what’s real and what isn’t theguardian.com/music/2022/aug

@maique I’d skip the beers if I was following this route 😉

@maique Hot weather, holiday, of course it is 😄

Summer. Wales. Raining. At least it’s warm so I can sit in the garden with a beer 🍺


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