Up, but not fully awake. A lot of photos to edit, 25 minutes left until breakfast is no longer available at the hotel, and the movieStars are still asleep.
It’s not a perfect situation.
Not sure if we were made for Rock’n’Roll… 🤣🤣🤣

@maique I hate missing all breakfasts. Included with hotel room?

@mpmilestogo I did miss the breakfast, sadly. It’s included, but the whole hotel bill, and every single meal of the week is covered by the festival organization. They’re so kind, family by now, they’re also paying lodging and food for the movieStars and a couple of friends who came along 🙂

@mpmilestogo And, finishing, lunch is a couple of hours after breakfast 🤣 I managed to get coffee, already sitting down for lunch 🍝

@maique wow! That sounds like the way to go! Lunch is good too!

@mpmilestogo They were always super nice, and we come back every year. I have to work for a while, but most time is spent having fun with our friends. It’s really great.

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