Things are getting so C U T E over here! So glad @adam picked Momo for Prami, we were introduced to a great artist. He’s the _official_ avatar designer for :prami:

@maique @adam can you drop me their contact info please 🙏

@adam @jason You were faster! 🙂

I believe he’s taking a break (the message is commissions are closed), but maybe reaching out to him will work.

Also, @adam, happy to see yours being used :prami:

@jason @adam Even nicer! I’m already waiting for a photo of that one!

@maique @adam I emailed Momo about a design / tattoo! 😃 🤞

@maique @adam Oh, these are so cool. I think I should start using myown avatar. 😜

@maique I’ve finally found the time to crop my Momo doodle into profile picture shape, so here I am! 😁

@adam Had just seen it on your last reply! 🤣🤣

@maique Also, I don’t think I’ve ever shared all of the Prami artwork that Momo did — there’s a nice bit of variety here! When he did these, he was focusing more on his newer “doodle” style, but he was kind enough to do these in his older style (which I love).

@jason @adam If they show up in WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal flavor as well, I’m in. iMessage is not something we use a lot here. At the moment I have one person I talk to in iMessage: my mom, she’s on her iPad a lot. Other than that, maybe the six closer friends on Telegram, and everyone else in the country is on WhatsApp.

@maique @adam Marketing and Product teams are all over it!

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