The post from Japan has been published. Took a while, but is back on…

@la Thank you so much, happy you liked it 🙂 Should have been posted a while ago, hoping I can get back to a regular schedule. Next up: Hong Kong!

@maique really enjoyed this Maique. Akihabara! Loved the photos and story. Kyoto was surreal. A UNESCO site at every turn. I was last there in 2011. I want back. You took me vicariously! In a bar in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Thanks!

@mpmilestogo You’re very welcome. I will probably go back and add a few things, as I wanted to get it out and just be done with it. I’m starting the Hong Kong post now, but my mind is still in Japan.

Enjoy those beers, would love to be there.

@maique What an experience, it's one of those places I've always wanted to go and, reading your post and looking at your photos makes me feel like I've been there, ever vicariously, with you!

Can't wait to read your Hong Kong post next. 👍

@AlexWolfe Glad you were able to _go_ there, and hope you do get a chance to visit for real. It’s, predictability, even better 🤣

@maique One day sooner rather than too late, I hope. I'd like to a SE Asia tour for 2-3 months. That would be the dream.

@AlexWolfe At least! We spent almost four months there, and I can tell you I’d stay for a lot longer! @mpmilestogo is the one doing it the right way.

@maique Yeah, you're right, to really see a place you need to go live there (ideally) and that would be great, in an ideal world. But time, money and covid dictate that even 2-3 months might be hard to do.

And we'd all love to just get up and go like @mpmilestogo 😎

@maique This brought back some SERIOUS feelings! ❤️

@jason 🙂 Glad it did. I had a lot more to write, but felt I needed to post it, or risk it never seeing the light of day. Will probably go back and edit 🙂

@jason Yes, yes it was. A couple of them, if not mistaken. One with the actual temple, and one of movieStar’s shots, also there.

@jason Yeah? That’s awesome! For us it was 2018, and I can tell you we talk about going back way often than what I’d consider healthy 😅😂

@maique Same discussions happen in our house weekly, if not daily. I think I was there 2015, 2018, and 2019. We had plans for 2020, 2021, and 2022, but yeah....

@jason I wish I’d been there as often! Our plans, now that covid is, hopefully, almost done with, have to include the little one. I’m guessing a few years will go by before we can go back. Maybe by then Japan will allow people to visit 🤣

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