Walking Around

Had to run some errands, a chance for a couple of photos downtown.

@AlexWolfe It’s a nice city to wander around. Plenty of cool places, both old and new.

@maique You are on my Bucket List of places to visit. I don't know why I never got there before now.

@maique Exactly. Me and mine are thinking of a Euro-tour for 2024. Not next year, we'll wait and see. But we want to so 6 weeks min in Europe in 24. Take in lots of places.

@maique I like how you can still find photos in places which are probably very familiar to you.

@ctt Thank you. Keep your eyes open, that’s what I usually say. For years I walked to work, always the same route, and tried to shoot everyday. It’s a great exercise.

@maique This reminds me of a way of describing awareness within meditation practice. We walk the same route time & time again and don't notice details that are always there. Instead look around, be aware of what is present, see the freshness in each moment.

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