Algarve, DayThree

movieStar’s family joined us at the beach. Long day, with games, food, drink, running around, and no nap time for tinyMovieStar.

We were all exhausted by the end.

Algarve, DayTwo

Pool in the morning, beach before lunch time, and the usual hop across the border to Ayamonte, for the afternoon and early dinner.

We came back, predictably, with a ton of croquetas de jamon in our bellies.

In a couple of days: Sevilla.

Algarve, DayOne
After a three hour drive, highway full of people, we made it to our little paradise.

I picked up some supplies while the movieStars took a nap, and then off to the beach.
Epic day! Warm water, beach empty at our secret spot.

Welcome Party

We made it. Our hosts for the week are the sweetest, and we found a small purse on the bathroom. “Clara’s Stuff” 🥰

The dogs are here, and so was a chameleon.

Caturday, Still Going…

Couch and kitten. Perfect Sunday.

Entertainment for the whole family, the new kitten at my in-laws…


Happy Baby
tinyMovieStar loves animals, and adores water.

Today was a good day for her.

Final Selfie at the Village
Just before we left for the drive south. Took us almost four hours to get to the new stop, but we’re here already.

See You Soon

Today we’re saying farewell to our friends that have been with us for two weeks, and driving south.

Weekend stop at the in-laws, then off to the Algarve.

The Kitchen
This is where all the meat is grilled at the restaurant. Tons of it.

Before the Storm
Just before the rain came pouring down, with sound effects.

We were in the middle of a huge glass of beer and a ton of fries.

Tradition, Part II
After last week’s post, another tradition is born at the village: tinyMovieStar and her moody TV watching.



Moody Sunset
Leftover from yesterday’s trip to the beach by the lake. We might go back today.

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