@gabz Why nervous? Not wearing the watch with the rings?

Algarve, DayThree

movieStar’s family joined us at the beach. Long day, with games, food, drink, running around, and no nap time for tinyMovieStar.

We were all exhausted by the end.

@GR36 No worries. I started checking more often, now that omg.lol offers an instance :prami:

@t3mujin Este merecia um follow up, do género “Está tudo bem” 🤣

Algarve, DayTwo

Pool in the morning, beach before lunch time, and the usual hop across the border to Ayamonte, for the afternoon and early dinner.

We came back, predictably, with a ton of croquetas de jamon in our bellies.

In a couple of days: Sevilla.

@AlexWolfe We did. Found it last year, came back yesterday.

Algarve, DayOne
After a three hour drive, highway full of people, we made it to our little paradise.

I picked up some supplies while the movieStars took a nap, and then off to the beach.
Epic day! Warm water, beach empty at our secret spot.

@AlexWolfe Our friend said he hadn’t seen one in over three years!

@AlexWolfe @mpmilestogo That would be awesome. I’m now thinking that I would probably have to translate everything, her _journal_ is all in English 🤣🤣🤣

@mpmilestogo @AlexWolfe I’ve used Day One in the past, but it was SOOO slow with the thousands of posts. I was importing both Instagram and Twitter, that were basically my “journal”, but it turned so slow I let it go a while back. The book would be nice.

@mpmilestogo @AlexWolfe I’m trying to get them into writing, and photos. I’m afraid I’ll forget them if I don’t.

Welcome Party

We made it. Our hosts for the week are the sweetest, and we found a small purse on the bathroom. “Clara’s Stuff” 🥰

The dogs are here, and so was a chameleon.

@AlexWolfe It’s really sweet. She makes the cutest faces when she’s telling us all about the day’s adventures.

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