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A Tradition is Born
Chaves, the city where we are right now, is the place where tinyMovieStar was conceived. She is from here.
We came back last year, as there was no festival in 2020, and again this one.



So. Hot.
Not a lot to report. It’s too hot.
Woke up, late breakfast, a dip in the pool at the hotel, lunch, and then we sat, eating ice cream after ice cream. Small stroll around, and back to the hotel.

Tomorrow the festival starts, and we’ll have to be outside anyway.

Finally managed to get the rel link working on M.b. is now verified on Yay.

Driving These Days

There’s always someone looking over my shoulder. Hey, Skye!

Stroll, and Haircut

Out of bed by 8AM, small stroll to the barbershop, and time for my yearly haircut in Chaves. Love this barber.

Up to date on city life, and hair ready for a few weeks on the road.

9AM, ready for my traditional Chaves haircut. Gotta look nice for the festival 😆

Chaves, DayOne
We made it to the wonderful Chaves. At last.

We were welcomed by our friends, the best hosts in the land.

On the way we picked up Diana, one of tinyMovieStar’s favorites, and she was acting cute in no time.

Road Day

We spent the whole day on the road, with a tiny stop for lunch and to pick up a friend who’s coming along for a few days.

Photos from yesterday, the multi talented movieStar is a great photographer as well.

Would you like to try, and all the cool things that come with it?
Landing page, email, DNS, Mastodon instance, make the world a better place, pastebin service?
I’m giving away 4 gift codes, good for a year. Announcing winners on Sunday, just add a reply.

@adam Any way to get 4 gift codes in a single purchase? 🙂 Asking for a friend.

Feeling Lucky?
Adam keeps adding stuff on top of more stuff, and is now even more incredible than before.
Pastebin, Mastodon instance, IRC, and that’s just the new bits!
So… To celebrate, I’m doing another giveaway. Yay.
More news later.

Ended up with a little over 3 hours of bed time, today’s drive will be a painful one.
One the flip side there will be a Francesinha about halfway through it.
Time for more ☕️ ☕️

03:10AM. Just remembered the iced coffee I had at 4PM.
Thanks a lot, caffeine!

Apologies in advance to those who are following me on both instances. You’ll be seeing the same post twice until I edit the syndication on Sorry about that…

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