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Leftovers from Caturday
It’s as if she can taste my arm already… Right before she strikes!

🐈 🤤

Extremely slow morning. Should brighten up during the afternoon: tinyMovieStar’s godmother is in town, all the way from London! Yay!

Rise and Shine
Happy Monday, hope there’s a great week ahead.


I was aware there were a few, but was still surprised by the list.
Glossary of Japanese words of Portuguese origin - Wikipedia

U-Bein Blues
Another highlight of the Myanmar part of the trip: the U-Bein bridge.


For those of you waiting for a report, the Pad Thai was delicious, in the end. Really great lunch.

We have reached peak sneaker status. tinyMovieStar is ecstatic.

Still regarding father-in-law antics: today we’re cooking Pad Thai for lunch. A staple of Thai cuisine, one you can get in 3 minutes from a street food stall, is taking over two hours to prep.
Not easy 🤣

See you next week…
Caturday is no more. New photos in a week, if she behaves and stops trying to kill me.

Finally decided to sort this one out, and this is what I ended up with:

At least for now.
During the day, nothing changes. Set up a Night Mode focus, with nothing, except the dock. Notifications from family are the only ones allowed.

Carurday Plot Twist!
Kitten got carried away while playing, my hand was nearly maimed.

NOTE: might be overreacting, but got to use the medicine from the US.
🐈 🚑

My father-in-law wants us to brew beer. Not sure if this is one of the projects that never gets off the ground, or if we’ll be drinking our own beer in a couple of months down the road.

It wouldn’t be Caturday without a shoot in the Laundry Room, right?

Top Model Chiquinha.


A tiger sitting high up on a tree in the jungle. I can be whatever I want to…

Welcome to Caturday! 😻

Second episode of Chef’s Table: Pizza, Rome.
Predictably, dinner is decided: slices of pizza from the Roman shop down the road, and ice-cream from the shop next door, also Roman.

Because nothing says familial togetherness like failing to explain “non-fungible” to your meemaw before she embarks on her well-deserved nog nap.

Melania Trump’s NFT ornaments make me want to cancel Christmas

I had to leave, and laugh when I was out of reach.
Yesterday, during tinyMovieStar’s bath, she went “Fuuuuuuuck. Fuuuuuuuuuck. What is fuuuuuuuck, Papi?”
I have no idea, whatsoever, where she picked that up!

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