I probably should flesh out my profile before posting anything, but I finally succumbed to the pressure and subscribed to a few years of Not really sure how I will use this account vs my primary(, but here we are.

@mcg I love what @adam is doing with the service, and looking forward to where it goes next. Moving my Mastodon account to social. lol was a no-brainer.

@pimoore @adam The services do look nice, but not sure how much I want to invest in services with a small “bus factor”. And I do worry about long term support of the services and moderation of this instance.

@mcg @adam There are other services I’ve seen with a bus factor of one, but still worth using just the same. Ultimately more people using it is ultimately how they grow the bus factor, in addition to you’d miss out on great stuff. While it’s a concern, I wouldn’t want to disregard a great platform because of it.

As for moderation on, the fact the instance is limited to people using would likely help keep things under control. That said a moderator could be added if needed.

@pimoore @adam For sure, it’s a balance. I do use other services like this,,,… all are basically one person shops, but I control the domain and/or can backup my content easily, should things go south. Right now, it appears Matt at is burned out on the service and is “doing other things” mostly.

@pimoore @adam Something like, which wants to be your landing page, the place you might share to others as a “starting point”, an email domain you may share and forward to your actual domain, the bar becomes higher.

@pimoore @adam Moderation on the Fediverse is hard. Maybe not a big concern with the community here right now, but does federate and that requires ongoing work to keep up with user/server blocks and defederations. I also don’t see a CoC, which will need to be added with growth.

@pimoore Anyhow, I didn’t really mean to complain about things, mostly just thinking out loud here. I’ve long wanted to move off of and the vibe here is nice, @adam is doing cool things, I know a lot of folks from M.B here already and the domain name is fantastic 🙂

Side note, Sorry for all the toots, I wonder if we can get the max character limits increased here?

@mcg @adam Not at all, I’ve had the same concerns with one person shops, only from the fear of losing access to a great service. I still live on the edge and use them anyway. 😉

@mcg @pimoore Appreciate the callout on the CoC — I’ll work on that today!

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