@omgdotlol I accidentally hit “regenerate key”twice. Dang you 🤣. Do I get a prize at least?

@omgdotlol No need to be sorry and thanks for the updates.

@maique @omgdotlol @jeannie So that’s how you’re getting Status posts here. I am hoping statuses will eventually feed directly to Social.

@jeannie Totally agree they aren’t the best looking devices. I love mine tho, as it allows me to leave my phone and wallet at home a good bit.

@podiboq Things app might work for this, both for items with specific due dates and using “someday/anytime” for the, “during the week” items that I assume don’t have specific due dates?

I think when I make the transition here I’ll disable M.B to AP crossposting. It seems to butcher formatting even on simple things. Plus the lack of image descriptions and CW’s.

@pimoore @jason I was also hoping to read more details about this.

@maique The backdrop for that pool is something.

@pimoore @skoobz @jason @adam We’d probably be better served by the Hometown fork, it doesn’t add MD but it does include some nice enhancements for a small community. github.com/hometown-fork/homet. Given that mainline Mastodon doesn’t support MD and will drop that formatting, maybe not a great thing to add until it does.

@jason Yup. Also some really long issue threads on the Mastodon GitHub about adding it.

@jason Some ActivityPub server software does, like Pleroma and the Mastodon fork, Glitch.

Fleshed out my profile, kicked the tires a bit… Yeah… guess I’ll be moving my main account over, once social.lol is out of beta.

@pimoore Anyhow, I didn’t really mean to complain about things, mostly just thinking out loud here. I’ve long wanted to move off of mastodon.social and the vibe here is nice, @adam is doing cool things, I know a lot of folks from M.B here already and the domain name is fantastic 🙂

Side note, Sorry for all the toots, I wonder if we can get the max character limits increased here?

@pimoore @adam Moderation on the Fediverse is hard. Maybe not a big concern with the community here right now, but social.lol does federate and that requires ongoing work to keep up with user/server blocks and defederations. I also don’t see a CoC, which will need to be added with growth.

@pimoore @adam Something like omg.lol, which wants to be your landing page, the place you might share to others as a “starting point”, an email domain you may share and forward to your actual domain, the bar becomes higher.

@pimoore @adam For sure, it’s a balance. I do use other services like this, micro.blog, write.as, pinboard.in… all are basically one person shops, but I control the domain and/or can backup my content easily, should things go south. Right now, it appears Matt at write.as is burned out on the service and is “doing other things” mostly.

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