i like the idea of bringing back these web 1.0 badges. good way to show what you like and looks pretty cool, are usually incredibly tiny file sizes, and is unobtrusive to the site :^)

now at the bottom of mmatt.net :D

forgot to post here 😅 but my rewrite for my new website is finished and live!

its built with Astro, a new HTML First framework, with minimal React (only react-esc component is the header, and it's using preact!)

feels much faster and i think looks much cleaner :3

check it out 👀 mmatt.net

(img: left is new, right is old)

new stream page for my new website because im now multi streaming on youtube+twitch, youtube has a better video player but twitch has better chat, so now its the best of both worlds :^)

idk how mastodon works but i heard @username@twitter.com works but now i'm doubting it

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moved all my databases from Heroku to @Railway@twitter.com in like maybe 10 minutes. super easy and quick, would recommend.

(idk if you can quote "retweet" on mastodon so i just linked the original post im referencing lol)

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if anyone has any name ideas for said program let me know, i'm bad at naming things lol.


😦 ex-Twitter employee had access to internal repos for 18 MONTHS AFTER they left… twitter.com/alsutton/status/15

anyone know any good mastodon apps for iOS?


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