🆕 You can now update the little bio blurb that appears on your status.lol page. On the Statuslog page, look for this new button!

Coming soon: a quick and easy way to post statuses from status.lol itself, or from anywhere with a browser bookmarklet.

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🆕 The status.lol UI is now available! Just sign into home.omg.lol, pull up your address, and click the button in the Statuslog section. Let me know if you run into any issues!

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Spontaneous evening omg.lol development stream — going to try to finalize the status.lol UI (hopefully!). Feel free to join in! 📺 twitch.tv/neatnik

⚠️ The staging server has been refreshed. Grab your new API key if you need to!

⚠️ [API update, continued] When the refreshes occur, you’ll just need to update your API key wherever it’s in use. With that said, the next one will happen today at 5 PM UTC. I’m really sorry for the disruption!

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⚠️ [API update, continued] I could spend a couple of days rewriting the refresh process to try to preserve API keys, but I think everyone would agree that the time would be better spent working on the core service (especially getting v2 launched so that these keys never rotate!). What I’ll do going forward, though, is post a note here in advance of server refreshes (and will try to avoid unscheduled refreshes), and also post another note confirming when they’re complete. (continues)

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⚠️ [API update] In addition to the endpoints changing at some point (as mentioned here: social.lol/web/@omgdotlol/1090) I need to stress that API keys on the staging site are routinely rotated as part of the staging server refresh process. Until I rolled out status.lol, no one was using the API, so nobody really noticed or cared. But now there are a bunch of folks doing fun stuff, and I’m a little stressed out over the possible disruptions. 😬 (continues)

To all of the cool people already building stuff with the status.lol API, first, thank you! It’s so awesome to see that happening within just a couple of days. Second, uh, don’t get mad at me, but... the endpoints will be changing soon. I’ll post about it here when they do (and after this change, I don’t think they’ll change again). Just wanted to let you know in advance!

📺 Working on omg.lol live! Feel free to tune in if you’re interested (maybe say hello!): twitch.tv/neatnik

Coming soon to omg.lol: your very own Statuslog! Share your mood, your food, or whatever else in a bite-sized status update. Can’t wait to roll this out to everyone! adam.status.lol/632dea08168db

Working on the next generation of omg.lol today, live on stream! Feel free to join and hang out. :prami: 📺 twitch.tv/neatnik

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made some changes to my @omgdotlol profile page, so now it changes depending on the screen size ✨

Update on the Switchboard — it’s nearly complete, and it’ll be ready to go when the updated service launches! Just added the ability to map an external domain to your pastebin (and will be doing the same for PURLs too shortly).

Working on the Switchboard UI. This will (finally) enable the kind of granular control over addresses that everyone should have. Can’t wait to get it out there!

Product Roadmaps aren’t just for Fortune 500 companies. Today we’re proud to share our own roadmap with everyone! home.omg.lol/roadmap

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Earlier I discovered that your “reward” for attaining Affiliate status on Twitch is that your channel starts forcing ads on your viewers. No way to disable them—gross! So, today I set up Owncast and I’m now going to stream from home.omg.lol/stream. No ads or other BS — just me doing my thing, and everyone’s welcome to watch. 😀

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I wanted to be one of the cool kids so I created jeannie.omg.lol and social.lol/@jeannie@social.lol. Does this mean I can be groovy now, too?

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