💬 Some updates:

ℹ️ Our IRC service remains extremely stable.

ℹ️ Our Mastodon instance also remains stable.

ℹ️ Our server is, uh, wanting a bit more memory. So, I’ll fix that soon.

ℹ️ I was experimenting with a hosted web-based IRC client, "The Lounge", which is really nice — but I don’t think it’s going to be scalable in the way that I had hoped. I’ll soon be redirecting that to another web client, as well as sharing more info on IRC client options. 😄

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@omgdotlol oooh interesting on the IRC client. I’ve been experimenting with ntfy but a smooth integration is still to be figured out

@omgdotlol what options are you looking at, instead of The Lounge?

@kakan More of a classic web IRC gateway setup, like Kiwi maybe.

@vincent With ~40 clients connected concurrently, yeah, there’s a performance hit. So this won’t scale very well, but I’m working on an alternative!

@vincent So, it might be OK after all. I shouldn’t jump to conclusions so quickly. 😄 Going to try some adjustments later!

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