@devilgate This is still a bit rough, but here’s how things are looking after a bit of work. Experimenting with turning the dashboard blocks into large buttons themselves. Putting the address block(s) first instead of beneath all of the other stuff. But, more importantly, I need to make it so that you can do stuff where it makes the most sense — i.e. manage your statuslog right on status.lol. I’ll get there soon! Really appreciate your feedback.

@r Oh, so you’re not seeing the site at all — weird! It loads just fine from over here. Are you getting some kind of DNS error, or something else? Would love to dig into this further and understand what’s happening.

🆕 You can now update the little bio blurb that appears on your status.lol page. On the Statuslog page, look for this new button!

@devilgate yeah, just last night I was lamenting all of the “Manage” buttons. They’re terrible! Look for a redesign soon. 😄

@devilgate The Dashboard design does need a lot of help — I think most people just want to jump into managing their address, but I’ve somehow emphasized a million other things on that page before showing any addresses! So, yeah, I’m going to overhaul that soon. 👍

@devilgate Once you log into home.omg.lol, and you’re on your Dashboard page, click to manage your address — and then one of the boxes on the address page should say “Statuslog”. If you don’t see it there, let me know!

@r it should, as soon as that person has at least one published status. Let me know if you’re seeing different behavior though!

@acfusco thanks for letting me know — I’ll look into this shortly!

Coming soon: a quick and easy way to post statuses from status.lol itself, or from anywhere with a browser bookmarklet.

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🆕 The status.lol UI is now available! Just sign into home.omg.lol, pull up your address, and click the button in the Statuslog section. Let me know if you run into any issues!

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Spontaneous evening omg.lol development stream — going to try to finalize the status.lol UI (hopefully!). Feel free to join in! 📺 twitch.tv/neatnik

@mcg lol, that’s actually a bug — what you saw was intended only for the eyes of hackery-type folks, but it also also happens to kick in with two subsequent API key changes. 😛

⚠️ The staging server has been refreshed. Grab your new API key if you need to!

⚠️ [API update, continued] When the refreshes occur, you’ll just need to update your API key wherever it’s in use. With that said, the next one will happen today at 5 PM UTC. I’m really sorry for the disruption!

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⚠️ [API update, continued] I could spend a couple of days rewriting the refresh process to try to preserve API keys, but I think everyone would agree that the time would be better spent working on the core service (especially getting v2 launched so that these keys never rotate!). What I’ll do going forward, though, is post a note here in advance of server refreshes (and will try to avoid unscheduled refreshes), and also post another note confirming when they’re complete. (continues)

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⚠️ [API update] In addition to the endpoints changing at some point (as mentioned here: social.lol/web/@omgdotlol/1090) I need to stress that API keys on the staging site are routinely rotated as part of the staging server refresh process. Until I rolled out status.lol, no one was using the API, so nobody really noticed or cared. But now there are a bunch of folks doing fun stuff, and I’m a little stressed out over the possible disruptions. 😬 (continues)

@rpf OK, worked it out! Turns out that I was sending a content-type header of "text/json" when I should have been sending "application/json". Most things don’t care but Shortcuts does! Update made and all is well now.

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