Show newer update: IRC and Mastodon are both pretty stable and working well. The signup process for each is a bit rocky, so I’ll be working on improvements soon. Then it’s back to total focus on the overhaul. 😄 :prami: boosted

Overjoyed at how has developed into a complete Internet package a la carte.

OK, this should be working now. It’s still *super* slow, though. (If anyone knows how to do the equivalent of tootctl --confirmed via the API, that would be awesome!)

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There’s a glitch with Mastodon signups but I’m working on it!

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New features for members available for beta testing:

1. Join this very Mastodon instance!
2. Join our new IRC server!

Learn more at

Built a new offsite server monitoring thing with status page:

👋 Hey! We’re gearing up to move to Mastodon. Can’t wait! is a lighthearted social hangout for the community.