Blogging should first and foremost always be for yourself. You’ll “find your people” because they will find you.

@pimoore Sometimes they need a helping hand like sending up a flare occasionally so they can spot where you are. Or providing a map, that helps! 😆

@AlexWolfe Just look for the glare off my head, that always works.

@pimoore Ha! Ha! You have that added advantage over me then, Pete. But seriously, I think just publishing regularly and trying to write something of interest helps build a readership.

@pimoore Now I just have to write something interesting, right? 😜

@AlexWolfe I’ve been struggling to get back in a regular writing groove, but I’m trying not to give myself too much grief about it. So much going on lately that it’s hard to dust out the cobwebs and get back in the chair. We all owe it to ourselves to not be our own harshest critic

@pimoore We can be our own worst enemy when it comes to writing. My rule of thumb is to sit in the chair and just write something, even if it's notes, sketches or ideas for stories/posts. Sometimes that's enough to spark something more and if not, then that's fine too.

@pimoore Be my guest. Go forth and scribble, my son, and have fun.

@pimoore it should be. Until you get an audience and start self-editing.

@Dananner I suppose it’s possible to fall into that trap, though I’d still wager it’s much easier and more common for people to do that on social media.

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