In light of some recent conversations regarding Markdown and Ulysses, I’ve republished some posts from early 2021, on syncing, file management, and a very rocky trial of Ulysses.

Markdown in Ulysses?
Tales of Brave Ulysses
In This Version, The Suitors Win

cc @pratik @gabz

@rnv @gabz I’m gonna be giving these another read, seeing as I’m going through a re-evaluation of my workflow again.

@pim @gabz I reread them this morning before reposting them, and I feel like there were some assumptions I left unspoken, so I may cobble together a postscript of some kind. One thing that may not have been clear in the originals was just how enraged I was by Ulysses' moronic "custom" Markdown. (On the other hand, I spent most of 2021 in a simmering rage, so it wasn't *all* on Ulysses...)

@pim @gabz And I was merely "simmering" because by then I'd had so much practice, I was a well-oiled, humming rage machine. (2017: shrieking rage. 2018: howling rage. 2019: sputtering rage. 2020: boiling rage. 2021: simmering rage...)

@rnv @gabz By that logic, 2022 would be smooth lukewarm rage. 😉

@pim @gabz 🙃 Actually, by 2022, I was completely out of rage, and thanks to all the supply chain issues, I haven't been able to restock all year. I find withering disappointment will do in a pinch, but you need to double the recipe. Thankfully, I'd been hoarding schadenfreude for years -- turns out I've needed a lot of it this summer! Goes great with senate hearings, and is excellent as a "just des(s)erts" topping!

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