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Emily & Amelia Nagoski, Burnout:

Science is the best idea humanity has ever had. It’s a systematic way of exploring the nature of reality, of testing and proving or disproving ideas. But it’s important to remember that science is ultimately a specialized way of being wrong. That is, e...

CG Jung:

If there were no imperfections, no primordial defect in the ground of creation, why should there be any urge to create, any longing for what must yet be fulfilled?

Always do the more difficult thing.

—Wittman Ah Sing
(Maxine Hong Kingston, Tripmaster Monkey)

Cold Mountain (trns Red Pine):

disappointed impoverished scholars
know the limits of hunger and cold
unemployed they like to write poems
scribbling away with the strength of their hearts
but who collects a nobody’s words
may as well save your sighs
write them down on rice-flour cakes

I’m this week’s guest on Micro Monday.

I know: fifty-four minutes isn’t very “micro.” Well, we talked for almost 40 extra minutes about Until the End of the World, which we’re both very big fans of.

And “cinephile”? Oh I don’t know. I think of myself more as a song & dance man.

I returned the Netgear router I bought last week. Half the speed of the thing it replaced, dead zones where there had been strong signals before. Not worth it.

Maybe I’d have been a little more patient if they hadn’t told me my own name wasn’t valid.

Fuck them.

I just cancelled my Netflix account after being a member for eighteen years. The end of an era.

Walter Ong, Orality & Literacy:

To say writing is artificial is not to condemn it but to praise it. Like other artificial creations and indeed more than any other, it is utterly invaluable and indeed essential for the realization of fuller, interior, human potentials. Technologies are...

Octavio Paz, On Poets and Others:

Even “having no meaning” is a way of meaning. The absurd is one of the extremes that meaning reaches when it examines its conscience and asks itself, What is the meaning of meaning? Ambivalence of meaning: it is the fissure through which we enter thin...

I’ve been thinking that the most difficult thing to do is convince someone that two things — any two things — are not connected. We can argue endlessly about whether a connection is meaningful or not, but we never doubt that the connection is there, somewhere; if we haven’t found it, th...

Jim Harrison, The Road Home:

With age one loses all sense of the supposed inevitability of art and life. Vivid moments are no longer strung together by imagined fate. The sense of proportion in good and bad experience loses its appeal. Bad is bad and you let it go. Good you cherish as...

Richard Nelson, The Island Within:

Sometime later, a robin’s clear, bubbling voice drifts up from the salmonberry brambles. Whenever I hear that song, I think of the Koyukon words that go with it: Dodo silin, k’oolkkoy ts’eega, tilzoot tilzoot, sithnee sithnee. “Down there, my brother...

Adam Zagajewski, A Defense of Ardor:

Some authors flog consumerist society with the aid of irony; others continue to wage war against religion; still others do battle with the bourgeoisie. At times irony expresses something different – our flounderings in a pluralistic society. And so...

I stopped in at the used bookstore again today, to sell a box of books — and stumbled on another book signed by the author…

Helen Waddell, The Wandering Scholars:

There is no beginning, this side of the classics, to a history of mediaeval Latin; its roots take hold too firmly on the kingdoms of the dead. The scholar’s lyric of the twelfth century seems as new a miracle as the first crocus; but its earth is...

GK Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday:

The poor have been rebels, but they have never been anarchists; they have more interest than anyone else in there being some decent government. The poor man really has a stake in the country. The rich man hasn’t; he can go away to New Guinea in...

Remember that Ray Bradbury said
he kept a sign above his desk for many years that read "Don't Think!"

Jorge Luis Borges:

A man sets himself the task of drawing the world. As the years pass, he fills the empty space with images of provinces and kingdoms, mountains, bays, ships, islands, fish, houses, instruments, stars, horses, and people. Just before he dies, he discovers that the pat...

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