I'm trying to figure out where my brain was this morning, since I fully had paper towels on my shopping list, but ended up ordering butter instead even though we already had butter.

I almost went to Kansas City to catch my Mariners while they’re close by, but then my body talked me out of it. Then I decided to check what’s going on here in Omaha. So, I’ve started adding team schedules to my calendar.

I'm really bummed there's no European leagues football on this weekend.

We’ve reached the time of year where I can now sit in the recliner in my office and not go blind from the sun rising.
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I’m kinda liking the simple color wallpapers in iOS 16, now that I’m aware I can pick a color with a HEX code.

I received the Fall 2022 edition of Field Notes today. The covers are inspired by the Hatch Show Print out of Nashville, made famous by concert posters in the 60s and 70s.

I receive new Field Notes today. I should probably get all the junk mail out of mailbox before it arrives.

So, I fired up Spotify this morning to organize some playlists to transfer to Apple Music via SongShift. I have to say Spotify is killing it with the personalized playlists. I really don’t get why Apple doesn’t try harder with this.

I finally got back to reading Dilla Time today. I don’t know why I put this book down for a while, because I love the info I gain from it. I’m to the point where the Soulquarians were formed. One of my favorite periods of music. micro.blog/books/9780374721657

I just learned pumpernickel loosely translates to "goblin farts".

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Part 2 of my series about building Wallaroo in #SwiftUI is up! This time I talk about how I implemented parallax and blurs: blog.iconfactory.com/2022/09/w

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It’s still a work in progress, but, I’ve been organizing my Drafts actions for how I want to use the app.

📺 Watching: Sunderland Til I Die
I’ve been giving myself a crash course on the English football system as of late. netflix.com/title/80207046

Something tells me if I make a copy of my archive template, I could modify that to create a dedicated beer page.

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dumbasses: if everything was free then nobody would work

fanfic writers, mod authors, open source maintainers, volunteers: am i a joke to you
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It never even occurred to me to use automations in Shortcuts for location-based reminders in Things 3. These can be triggered by area, list, tag, or any combination of the three. I think I still like Apple Reminders solution for this, but it’s good to know I have options. culturedcode.com/things/suppor

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