It's vanilla, BTW. All I added is grief prevention (golden shovel to claim, stick to view claims)

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Thought it might be fun to have a minecraft server for the people here.
If anyone want to join, drop your minecraft username in a reply so I can add you to the whitelist


Spammers are spoofing my domain, lol.
Is there anything else I can do apart from spf/dkim and dmarc?

Wrote it down, Now to bed. Hopefully i'll remember in the morning what i meant 😆

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0:15 AM, woke up with a solution to a problem... ahh the sweet life of a programmer

Samsung, why can't i skip this. I literaly just updated android.

Tonight around midnight EDT / 4 AM UTC, I’ll be making a hardware upgrade to Mastodon and IRC will be unavailable for a brief period (expecting less than 10 minutes total). If things get weird, though, look for an update on Thanks! 💛

Why Is this temperature starting to get normal for summers 😭 used to be a 1-in-a-few-years thing. is a lighthearted social hangout for the community.