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Gonna present some software updates again soon. Wish md luck 🤞

Spotify reccomends this album. If only i could play it 😆

ok turns out it has to do something with certificates mismatching. Super duper odd.

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So PHPMailer somehow refuses to send with an non-local SMTP server.

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Trying to fix my laptop's throttle issues part one

🎉 Wohoo my software will be used by a second festival this weekend. Crazy

It's vanilla, BTW. All I added is grief prevention (golden shovel to claim, stick to view claims)

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Thought it might be fun to have a minecraft server for the people here.
If anyone want to join, drop your minecraft username in a reply so I can add you to the whitelist


Spammers are spoofing my domain, lol.
Is there anything else I can do apart from spf/dkim and dmarc?

Wrote it down, Now to bed. Hopefully i'll remember in the morning what i meant 😆

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0:15 AM, woke up with a solution to a problem... ahh the sweet life of a programmer

Samsung, why can't i skip this. I literaly just updated android.

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