@concorde don’t worry, I’m going to try to do more of it more often. Are there any days of the week or times of day that work better for you?

That was a fun stream. Taking a break and will be back on later!

Haven’t streamed in eight months — doing a little live development stuff with omg.lol! twitch.tv/neatnik

Tonight around midnight EDT / 4 AM UTC, I’ll be making a hardware upgrade to social.lol. Mastodon and IRC will be unavailable for a brief period (expecting less than 10 minutes total). If things get weird, though, look for an update on status.omg.lol. Thanks! 💛

Would you like to try omg.lol, and all the cool things that come with it?
Landing page, email, DNS, Mastodon instance, make the world a better place, pastebin service?
I’m giving away 4 gift codes, good for a year. Announcing winners on Sunday, just add a reply.

@maique Eventually it'll be a lot easier! For now, though, there isn’t any automated way — but I’m glad to simplify manually with a single invoice (just email help@omg.lol if interested). 👍

"A still of Nemo flying an airplane in Finding Nemo (2003)"

(In this case Nemo appears to *be* the airplane, but still, pretty cool.)

"A still of the Energizer Bunny in The Seven Samurai (1954)"

Oops, wrong decade. WALL-E came out in 2008. Oh well, it still worked.

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OK, finally back up and running with Mastodon after a previous goofed-up test attempt. I think I managed to fracture my tiny slice of the fediverse somehow! I’m learning, though, and having fun at the same time. 😅


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