I’m really liking this detailed sleep analysis you get with the new Apple Watches. At least it’s new to me, I’m not sure if it’s new with these models.

Now I’m on a CoD break, until MW2 comes out, I was going to maybe play some Halo for a while. Then I remembered Overwatch 2 is out in a week or so. I may get the Battlepass and try that out.

Got one of these bad boys today. It’s nice actually. Very handy to have on my desk with the always on screen.

I started playing Return to Monkey Island on my stream, but audio was messed up on the first part 🤦‍♂️ I think I may continue playing on the Steam Deck off stream now.

Now that I have the power of 48mp ProRAW action at my fingertips I’ve been trying to get into RAW editing more. I started a trial of Lightroom for iPad, but Pixelmator Photo is far better for my needs I think. It’s a very nice app, and we’ll supported also.

My only mission for the coming months is to learn how to edit RAW photos properly. I use Darkroom for this, but maybe I should invest in Lightroom. Does anyone know how Lightroom for iPad compares to the ‘real’ desktop version?

Trigger warning to all of the sad neck beard morons that like their LOTR made up Elves only looking a certain way, but we’re only a few episodes into Rings of Power and Arondir is already 1,000% more bad ass than Legolas.

Gooood morning Micro.bloggers! My daughters weekend activity is back on today which means I get to sit in a coffee shop for 3 hours and chill out all by myself. Highlight of my week … ☕️
I’d planned to chill out and write a blog post, but as is usually the case I have no ideas of what t... nomadunit.net/2022/09/10/goooo

Does anyone have any examples of some interesting setups on their omg.lol sites? I’m keen to use it more / make the most of it a bit more than the generic info I have on it now.

Is there a way to see everyone on the social.lol network (if that’s what it’s called?) so I can follow everyone?

@adam hiya Adam! I hope you’re well. Sorry to bother you, but I was just wondering if you’d thought about freeing up unused usernames on omg.lol at all? The username ‘Andy’ appears to be unused so I’d love to nab it if it ever gets freed up at some point.

I’m downloading Lord of the Rings Online again … and I can’t tell you why I would want to do that …

So now that I have an account on the omg.lol Mastodon network is this message only going out to people in that network? Or the wider Mastodon fediverse?

Does anyone know how to embed a YouTube channel (not specific video) into a page? ive tried it [here](nomadunit.net/live/) with two different methods and it doesnt seem to work.

Do you know how to get your omg.lol page to display a YouTube channel name properly? Mine seems to give it the page code as a name: andyn.omg.lol/


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