Haleakala on Maui with Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawai’i visible while flying out of Honolulu. You might have to zoom in for a better look.

Flying across country last night, sitting at 35,000ft with no nearby points of reference, it was not possible to register how fast the aircraft was moving. In the distance I caught a glimpse of a couple of airplanes flying in the opposite direction, recognizable by their blinking lights... crossingthethreshold.net/2022/

🥱 Oh boy, a visitor showed up before sunrisea longer day than I planned.: ctt.status.lol/6331dc08523c6

@adam I posted a status update about 10 minutes ago, and all looked good here on social.lol - just the status update #. I posted another one a minute ago and the status update here included a link to ctt.status.lol. What might have caused the link to appear?

🛌 Long day tomorrow. Early to bed tonight.

@maique A quick “weather in Lisbon/Alcacer” question. Is it still likely warm enough for shorts mid/late October?

With lots of toots out there about status.lol, I'm wondering how to access it? Is it live yet or still in beta?

@maique How did you get all the icons on your omg.lol page? For example the pen and ginger bread man next to your "words" links? Is it a bit of CSS cleverness?

I have a new strategy for practicing chess and seeing where I am not keeping an eye on things. Play a 6 year old who is focused solely using his queen to take as many pieces as possible.

Sitting here with that satisfying glow of work done outside and having freshened up under our outdoor shower. The post COVID fatigue lingers, but I sense is receding…slowly. I just have to respect it, do what I can do when I can, and rest in between. But today, jobs needing doing are no... crossingthethreshold.net/2022/

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