Today I have one of everything pumpkin and gluten-free from Trader Joe’s, thanks to @FunkyPlaid.

I woke up today rather sad about the date, three years since my beloved Zen died. When I got to work, the Library Phantom had decorated my office with tiny dinosaurs, putting a much-needed smile on my face.

I’m intrigued by the call to action from to “for one continuous month, make the focus of one in every three things you share on social media…something other than yourself or your own work”.

Getting and recovering from COVID forced me to rest and reset. That’s one good thing that came of it. When I feel tired now, I rest as much as I can. “Pushing through” is foolishness, as it only extends the illness.

Today @FunkyPlaid plucked a ripe cherry tomato from the vine and gave it to me. 🍅 It was warmed from the sun, and so concentrated I could almost taste it all.

COVID Diary, Day 10: Smell and taste at 40%. Sneezing has returned, with sore throat. Less coughing, but harder. Only 10 hours of sleep today. Haven’t tested today because, well, I’ve definitely still got it. 😬

COVID Diary, Day 8: Brief glimmers of “not very ill” punctuated by extreme fatigue. Less coughing, no sneezing. Smell and taste occasionally at 10% for minutes at a time. Still sleeping 12 hours a day. Still testing positive.

COVID stole my senses of smell and taste, but it gave me true appreciation of sriracha, the only thing that makes eating enjoyable for me right now.

I could not have wished for a better COVID caretaker than @FunkyPlaid has been this week, despite his own bout with it. I feel fortunate that we dodged it for as long as we did. Now to get through it … is a lighthearted social hangout for the community.