Whenever I set up email forwarding from iCloud to Hey.mail last, I may have forgotten to click the “delete after forwarding” box…

@maique i got it to work but shows this way, i’m wondering what i did wrong lol

i know i put {{ partial “status lol.html }}
right under

{{ partial “head.html” }}

not sure if it’s the colors or what but thought this looks so cool

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Posting for the #MorningCrew:

Want to help #Fiona relief efforts in PR, especially in the region of the island hardest hit by the hurricane—*and* get an amazing shirt while you’re at it? 100% of the proceeds from this LNP shirt, designed by @Louisa, go to the Brigada Solidaria del Oeste, which will distribute supplies and help rebuild homes in the western part of Puerto Rico.


Prefer to donate directly? Hit up brigadasolidariaoeste@gmail.com on PayPal.

🎶Ba-dee-ya, say, do you remember?

Ba-dee-ya, dancing in September

Ba-dee-ya never was a cloudy day

At 74 hours and some, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, has been finally wrapped up. This game, was an emotional roller coaster ride. The character development, the story, the music, the voice acting, really great. This game, to me, it is definitely a 10/10 chocolates! I’m so glad I got to experi... gabz.blog/2022/09/20/at-hours-

while everyone else is wondering about the new apple utraman, i’m here thinking which color of a g-shock i’m getting next 😅

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