Another month, another episode! 🚀 🛡️

It’s 100% in the long game.

Office Chairs

I was very surprised. Then looked at reviews. People are reviewing their favorite podcast. Not the app.. 🤔

Feel free to give a 5 star review under the Apple Podcasts app 😂

Finished reading: Pixels of You by Ananth Hirsh 📚

The moment I realized I don't _actually_ care about daily notes that live forever.. 🤔

Apple Watch Ultra battery life is WILD! ⌚ 🧡

The internet narrative of “why did you buy an Apple Watch Ultra, you aren’t extreme” is odd to me. Buying a Porsche GT3 doesn’t make me a race car driver either. Nor does buying nice cookware make me a chef. Why is this different? 🤷‍♂️

Doing the 9.0.1 updated before I go out and get extreme as fuck!

Episode 067
✅ Record
✅ Edit
✅ Show Notes
✅ Schedule for Release

Definitely in the “why do i bother with flickr” zone again.. 📷

I have a flight coming up in about a month. First since ~2019. I am quite anxious to say the least.. ✈️

Being able to use hex values for wallpapers is awesome! 🧛‍♂️

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