is a great instance for photographically inclined users, but they're facing increasing server hosting costs and might have to shut down if they can't cover them - if you've got a spare buck or two, consider helping them stay around?

would like to Not use amazon but they're the only one that will let me give a list and not have to put my address somewhere public

anyway its my birthday in less than a month so if you want i found some funny things that you can deliver to my house

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i really want to watch red dwarf again but i dont want to sign up for another streaming thing and i cant get the DVD's... Fuck

i somehow managed to "lose" the chips... that were on my desk

its 11am and im already tired and have a headace... FUck

thought i lost like... 30% of the book im writing... i need to get obsidian sync jesus christ

Coming soon to your very own Statuslog! Share your mood, your food, or whatever else in a bite-sized status update. Can’t wait to roll this out to everyone!

first image gets set as my profile picture until i can change it

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