i somehow managed to "lose" the chips... that were on my desk

its 11am and im already tired and have a headace... FUck

thought i lost like... 30% of the book im writing... i need to get obsidian sync jesus christ

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Coming soon to omg.lol: your very own Statuslog! Share your mood, your food, or whatever else in a bite-sized status update. Can’t wait to roll this out to everyone! adam.status.lol/632dea08168db

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first image gets set as my profile picture until i can change it

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The post from Japan has been published. Took a while, but dinkiwinkiminkiwinki.com/ is back on…
🇯🇵💖 dinkiwinkiminkiwinki.com/japan

really wish i didn't go on twitter... for fuck's sake

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