As a change of pace, I’ve picked up a frontend ticket at work today. TypeScript, React, GraphQL: yes, I’m using it all. I know a little of each so I’m not coming to it completely cold. But it’s still all quite new to me so there’s still that sense of doing something novel.

Here’s something I learnt today about cockatiels: they sneeze, or do something that can be described as sneezing. Either way, I didn’t learn this from looking it up. 🤧

Back in Canberra with Ivy and Archie, my sister’s cockatiels. 🦜

Tried something different today, by recording a how-to video of a project I’m working on. Must say that I now appreciate the effort of those that work with video after the attempt: roughtly 20 takes and I still haven’t got a cut I like (it’s only a screencast as well).

Tax return done. Was in danger of forgetting to do it so deceided to get it out of the way today. Relatively painless: took probably 20 minutes. Let’s hope everything in there is correct. 😬

To any Stratechery or Dithering subscribers that have seen no new posts since Monday: you may need to get new feeds from Passport. Ben just launched something new and in doing so, seemed to have broken article & podcast RSS feeds. Might’ve been just me, but just in case it isn’t.

I must admit, Feedbin does a good job making Twitter threads actually nice to read. I haven’t seen it work for every thread, but when it does, if feels almost like you’re reading a blog post. So much better than reading it in Twitter.

🎙️ Really Specific Stories, featuring yours truly.

Had the privilege of being a guest on @martinfeld’s excellent show about podcasting. Check it out, then make sure you listen to the other episodes because they are all really good.

Currently binging on Epic Engineering Failures from the Great Courses. The details of the failures are interesting, but the course also covers a lot on structural engineering, which I never expected to find just as facinating.

Google, please; fix the locale detection logic in Sheets. Every newly created spreadsheet has the wrong locale set by default, and I always need to explicitly change it to AU. As fun as it is to use £ for currency, or month/day/year for dates, I prefer to use what I’m use to.

Spotted this morning as I was walking to breakfast. 🦆

Did a cleanup of all the half-finished posts I had lying around as drafts. Many of them have been cluttering up the Draft section for a few months now.

The original goal was to have a “bank” of posts that I could publish on days I had nothing else to say. I guess that didn’t quite pa...

Dinner at The Mint. This is my table, which is the same table I sat at last time I was here, in January 2020. Feels like a bit of a bookend in a way.

🎙 Dithering: 13 Sept 22 - Discord AI

Enjoyed the discussion on Midjourney and AI images, but it was the final two minutes on the UIs of Slack and Discord that I found to be the most interesting part of this episode.

Sunny day today. Might need to bring out the hat once again.

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