all of these features create a place that should no longer exist, and yet does exist, exists largely for the pleasure of the Giant Suitcase People

Walking Venice

Truth is, we spend a great deal of time thinking about our week here, and we miss it even before we leave.

See You Soon
A week later we’re back on the road. Tomorrow we’re leaving our friends behind, and moving on.

We had the most wonderful time, attended a ton of concerts, and had yummy food and drinks.
There isn’t a better group of people in the world. We will miss them.

That feeling of walking around without a huge camera bag: bliss.

Exporting the last batch. I’ll take another long look when we’re back home, and send a few more photos.
For now it’s done, ready to enter Vacation Mode again.

Trying to keep up with the timeline on Feedbin, but wishing I had more time to spend on M.b.


Best show of the festival. He had us crying.

Amazing performance by The Legendary Tigerman.

The band I’ve been waiting for this whole festival is starting their sound check in a couple of minutes!
Thrilled to see The Legendary Tigerman again.

So… Sunday will be super busy, I’m doing the random bit of the giveaway in a couple of minutes! Winners coming up… 🏆

Ready for DayThree!
Done with breakfast, time to edit some photos. Girls, as usual, will be at the pool with our friends.

DayTwo, the Bass
Another day is done. A photo of a bass, two of one of the bass players (because they’re the coolest), and that’s about it.

It’s too late, going to bed.

Fact: bass players are always the coolest member of the band.

The Gang

The little ones were left out of this one, but here we are. The group that made the trip to the festival.

During sound checks we were told we could use the beer tap, for free, until it ran out.
Hours later it’s still going.
We’re happy.

Also, as usual, plenty more on (sorry) Instagram. Mostly Stories.

N2 2022, DayOne
It was a long, hot, day. And I’m not particularly proud of any of the photos from yesterday. Still trying to find my way around the lights.


tinyMovieStar kinda woke up, tried following mom into the bathroom, and just gave up. The room is not even THAT big, but she couldn’t make it all the way… Sleeping like this for a while now 🤣🤘🏼

Up, but not fully awake. A lot of photos to edit, 25 minutes left until breakfast is no longer available at the hotel, and the movieStars are still asleep.
It’s not a perfect situation.
Not sure if we were made for Rock’n’Roll… 🤣🤣🤣

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