I'm back from DrupalCon Prague and trying to get back on track with my work. Join me for a live stream all around Ruby coding, infrastructure operations and general CTO stuff. Come and hang out! twitch.tv/fullstacklive

so, yeah, it's muhh.lol, of course.

muhh.lol is going to be my happy place (as soon as DNS finished propagating), but omg.muhh.lol already works, kchkch


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I might have bought another domain. Just for all the sweetness @omgdotlol is offering.
muhh.omg.lol will get a new name soon.

This worked, the other one didn't. Hmm, I probably need a repost.

But this is another test to see if a reply in a thread works well.

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Hmmm, crossposting to birdsite doesn't seem to work for replies to toots not crossposted before?

consider this a test.

Im going to use this thread to post updates and notes about sessions and all the nice things during .

Time to leave for the opening!

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I’m off to and l’m really nervous. haven’t done this for years now and happy to meet the nice crowd again.

Hey Fediverse!

The @owncast project could really use some help! 🙏

At the moment the lead dev @gabek is having to handle an awful lot at once. The platform would be much more sustainable if there were more people on the team.

Everyone who wants to help is welcome, but of course there are some specific areas where help is especially welcome:


Please get in touch with @owncast or @gabek if you want to help out!

For those who don't know, OwnCast is a Twitch-style livestreaming and chat service for the Fediverse. You can follow OwnCast accounts from Mastodon etc and you will see a post in your timeline when the account goes live. There's a site about it at owncast.online and a directory of featured streams at directory.owncast.online

Boosts welcome!

#Fediverse #OwnCast #HelpNeeded

In zwei Wochen ist übrigens Barcamp Stuttgart – #bcs15

Die erste In-Person-Veranstaltung dieses Jahres, die PCR-Express-Tests mit zum Veranstaltungskonzept gemacht hat.


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