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Talk to yourself like someone you love. ~ Brene Brown

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One advantage to Mac having started kindergarten now is that when he decides to have a classic "Mac the horrible sleeper" night, I can nap after I get home from taking him to school. I used to just have to push through all day and hope he'd sleep through the next night.

Accidentally got bleach drips on one of my husband's graphic tshirts in the laundry basket in the bathroom.😬
I ordered a new one online immediately. I'm just gonna kind of make it disappear for now and hopefully he won't notice it's gone before the other one arrives.
(When his absentmindedness can work to my advantage.)

Not sure if everyone is aware but Momo (the officially unofficial doodle avatar maker of the community) recently started a Patreon at
The website at is also freshly renovated with all new goodies available.

The fact that the @omgdotlol statuslog has an RSS feed is just 👍 😎 Thank you to everyone who helped me figure out how to get it working for me.

I wish we had an app like Drafts for Android. It sounds like a pretty awesome app.

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You’ll always stay young if you live honestly, eat slowly, sleep sufficiently, work industriously, worship faithfully, and lie about your age.

I, personally, do not get the appeal of smartwatches. They're bulky and ugly. They look like someone took your ankle monitor and strapped it to your wrist instead.

Mac seemed to be doing much better this morning. He slept well last night & ate this morning. Will see how he's doing this afternoon after his day. I hope our adjustments have made things less stressful. I'm always monitoring his mannerisms for shifts.

Spent a couple weeks cleaning up all my saved password accounts & bookmarks. Now I am changed over from Chrome to Firefox on laptop & mobile. Very little friction making the switch & the autofill on mobile is much improved.

Mac seems much less anxious & stressed this evening. He also ate decently today so hopefully we've adjusted what needed adjusting so that his life is a little less upsetting with all these recent changes because of starting school.

Mac had been exhibiting signs of severe stress & anxiety (not noticeable to someone not familiar with what to look for in him, but I understand him more than anyone else). He hadn't eaten in 2 days. I sat with him last night and over the course of a couple hours got him to relax and open up and eat a bit. We think it's more than just school as there's been other changes in his routines lately. We're going to go back to previous routines in other areas & hope that'll help with his stress levels.

I wonder how much Apple pays to be the exclusive provider of prop electronics for online mini-series. It's interesting because I spent twenty+ years working in a wide variety of corporate environments and never once saw a Mac anywhere in an office let alone at every desk.

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Who called them "soup magnates" when "bouillonaires" was right there?

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Hey Fediverse!

The @owncast project could really use some help! 🙏

At the moment the lead dev @gabek is having to handle an awful lot at once. The platform would be much more sustainable if there were more people on the team.

Everyone who wants to help is welcome, but of course there are some specific areas where help is especially welcome:

Please get in touch with @owncast or @gabek if you want to help out!

For those who don't know, OwnCast is a Twitch-style livestreaming and chat service for the Fediverse. You can follow OwnCast accounts from Mastodon etc and you will see a post in your timeline when the account goes live. There's a site about it at and a directory of featured streams at

Boosts welcome!

#Fediverse #OwnCast #HelpNeeded

For my son's handheld to watch videos & play games, I got an inexpensive Motorola Android phone, disabled everything I could that made it a phone, put a custom launcher that allows access to only the apps I set it to allow, and installed a volume lock so the volume stays within an acceptable range. These are things you can't do on an iOS device. Found that out when we spent all that money on an iPad I couldn't even set up. Gave it to my in-laws. Apple doesn't know better than me what I need.

If you've never been anywhere that completely lacks any and all light pollution, it can be pretty disturbing the first time you turn out the lights and experience true darkness. Just remembering our family's cabin in the middle of mountainous nowhere when I was a kid.

I used to follow an illustrator account years ago and I could not remember the name of it for the life of me and after much searching I finally found it again. Happier now.

I have completed transferring the last of my domains from G00G to Namecheap. I also removed Gmail service from my G00G account.

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